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Our main goal is producing seedlings which are of constant high quality, disease, and pest free. We specialise in grafting cucumbers, tomatoes, watermelons and peppers. For the best feedback and service we strive to maintain good customer relationships, to ensure the best possible start.


Q: What is grafting?

Plant grafting is a technique in which tissue from one plant, the scion (variety), is attached onto another, the Rootstock.

Q: Why do we graft?

We graft for resistance of the soil and other diseases also to maximize the production and improve the quality of the fruit.

Q: What the most common Rootstock do we use for Cucumber variety?

Pumpkin Rootstock

Q: What is Rootstock?

Rootstock is a part of a plant often an underground part, from which new above – ground growth can be produced.

Q: What is variety?

Variety is the upper part of the plant.

Q: How are we joining variety and rootstock together?

Cut areas of the plants are joined together with a binding clip.

Q: What do we graft at Multigrow?

Cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers and watermelons.

Q: Who are our customers?

We are supplying farmers with grafted seedlings in North West, Gauteng, Limpopo, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and Kwazulu – Natal.

Q: What is the cycle of the grafted cucumber in the nursery?

The cycle of the grafted cucumber will be 3-4 weeks in summer time and 6-7 weeks in winter time.

Q: Does the grafting have a future?

Yes, it does. We are facing a climate change, which will cause our soil become more prone to diseases; also grafted fruit will have higher market value.

Q: What is important to know about grafting?

We should know that just the same species plants are being grafted together.

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